Sustainable Business: Eco-Friendly Small Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Caring for the environment is increasingly important for individuals and businesses in the face of global warming. There are many upsides to becoming a sustainable business with eco-friendly practices. Perhaps most important is appealing to a growing demographic of environmentally aware consumers. Here are some methods you can try to transform your company into a “greener” and more sustainable business. Consider becoming a:

• Local, organic food grower and/or supplier: Connect local farms and organic brands with restaurants, grocers and more in your community. Consider starting a locally sourced restaurant or a farmer’s market (or grower’s market). Offer a green menu in your restaurant or become a green caterer.

• Solar panel seller, installer or manufacturer: cc Help homes and businesses save energy and money while shrinking their carbon footprint.

• Wind or geothermal power supplier: Construct a wind farm to generate green energy or install geothermal systems.

• Thrift, antique or consignment store owner: Recycle/resell products so that they can be used again and given an extended life.

• Electric car dealer: Open a dealership devoted to eco-friendly vehicles.

• Bike shop owner: Sell the greenest possible transportation.

• Eco-tour operator: Show tourists around on healthy and ecologically sound bike tours, for example. Or book exotic eco-tours to support conservation efforts or experience threatened environments/species.

• Eco-blogger: Blog about sustainable topics, review green products or profile sustainable businesses.

• Earth friendly event planner: Plan eco-friendly weddings or other celebrations.

• Sustainable clothing designer or seller: Curate or create a line of ecologically friendly clothing made with recycled materials and produced in an energy efficient manner.

• Sustainable home renovation contractor: Remodel homes using natural, recycled and/or non-polluting products, tools and best practices.

• Green investment advisor: Keep up to date on, and recommend, the best ecologically sound stocks for your client’s needs.

• Eco app developer: Create and code apps that promote green causes or compute the carbon footprint of a given household/business.

Let Desert Star Commercial Consulting help you become a more sustainable business. Contact us for expert business advice, today.

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