How to Structure a Successful Business Team

You can’t run a successful business just by yourself; you also need a good business team. People working well together can accomplish more than working as individuals. The following are some elements of a successful business team (to read about business teams in more detail click here).

• Clear Goals – Goals must be fully understood by each team member.

• Commitment – Each team member needs to commit to achieving your business goals.

• Rewards – There should be an equally-distributed reward for each team member when your goals are met.

• Defined Roles – The role of each team member must be clearly defined to prevent confusion and frustration.

• Trust and Respect – Team members must have respect and trust for each.

Types of Teams

You need to choose the kind of business team best suited for the goal(s) you wish to reach. Here are examples of different kinds of business teams.

Functional Team

Each team member has a fixed position – they carry out specific functions by themselves. This type of team resulted in the assembly line and mass production. Advantages: simple; easy to establish; each member’s performance is easy to evaluate.

Hierarchy Team

Each team member has a fixed position, but everyone works under a leader (like an orchestra). The success of one member depends on the actions of all the other members. Advantage: works well in situations where tasks must be accomplished in short periods of time.

Organic Team

Members have fixed responsibilities but are also able to cover for each other. The most valuable team member can operate in any position. Advantages: strong team; flexibility; team results are greater than the sum of results from each individual team member.

Funding for Your Business Team

Once your business team is in place and working well together, you will most likely find that you also need funding solutions in order to reach your team’s goals. Desert Star Commercial Consulting will work with you to provide the financing your team needs to achieve success. Talk to us to see how we can assist you.

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