Equipment FinancingNeed Equipment to Grow Your Business? We Offer Financing Plans That Can Help

Looking for equipment financing options that can help you secure the equipment that your business needs to grow? Here at Desert Star Commercial Consulting, we have a variety of financial products designed to help businesses succeed, including a finance plan that will allow you to procure equipment without purchasing it up-front.

Details of Our Program

Historically, we have been able to provide equipment financing approval for many of our clients within 24 hours. Larger deals may require a few extra days for approval. Additional program details include:

  • Up to 84-month repayment period
  • Zero or minimal down payment
  • Applications up to $150,000 require no financial statements
  • Middle-market and large item financing starting at $500,000
  • Variety of payment structure options

If your business has two or less years of experience, you may be an ideal candidate for our equipment leasing program.

Second-Chance Program

Regardless of how successful your business may be, you never know when an unexpected problem can cause devastating financial repercussions. Thankfully, we believe in giving second chances to business owners whose credit scores have been negatively affected. Whether you have a bankruptcy or some other issue on your credit record, you may still be able to receive financial help from us.

Startup Program

We are proud to play a small part in helping startup businesses succeed. If you cannot get the funding you need through traditional lending sources, come to us.

Lease Back Program

Our lease back program allows small businesses to receive immediate cash in exchange for selling their equipment to us. They can then make regular monthly lease payments until they pay us back in full.

Government Leasing Program

Municipal and government agencies are guaranteed to receive approval for our leasing programs. Qualified agencies include:

  • Libraries
  • State or federal government agencies
  • Public schools
  • Fire houses
  • Armed services
  • Police departments

This list is not all-inclusive, and any government agency is qualified to receive approval for one of our generous leasing programs.

Get Started Today

Secure equipment financing solutions today by calling us at (702) 723-9593 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable representatives.