3 Simple Time Management Strategies to Stay on Track

With the aid of technology, we’re capable of more productivity than ever–it seems. With all due respect to technology, however, what you really need is an effective time management strategy. When the busy day is over, do you feel you’ve spent your time on what’s most important? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or just treading water, use our Top 3 strategies to manage your time effectively:

• Start each day with a plan: In fact, you may opt to make the plan the night before. Without a plan, you can easily get drawn into non-priority activities, as you check your email or randomly cross paths with someone. Before this happens to you, and eats up your entire day, map out a strategy and define your priority items for the coming day.

• Say no: It’s all too easy to overload your to-do list, but this is usually self-defeating. Take on (and add to your list/calendar) only what you can reasonably accomplish. Let things that can wait, wait. Delegate when appropriate. Then, prioritize the calendared items, so you can work through them in a logical manner. Also say no to perfectionism. Don’t get bogged down. Know when good enough is good enough. Letting good enough stand is key to time management. It keeps you from spending too much time on detail that really doesn’t improve the outcome.

• Keep one, single calendar: The master calendar should encompass every commitment and goal, including work-related items, family responsibilities, exercise sessions and more. This is your life calendar and schedule. Having everything in one spot helps you stay on track–and it can help you say no when necessary. Keeping one, master calendar also allows you to prioritize health over work, when necessary. Such as, making sure you have time for your daily workout by putting it on the calendar and blocking out time for this priority item.

Using these tactics, you can look back on your accomplishment-filled day with satisfaction. For more time management tips, follow our blog at Desert Star Commercial Consulting. For tailored business advice, contact us today.

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